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Video uploaded - see post:

Click here to go to Video link

I have horizontal lines in my downlink video signal, <_<

seems only to occur when the motor OS 10 LA is running..

Whats is causing that?, vibrating?, electrical noise(where?),

and what can i do about it?

TX or camera?

(Have about 1 meter wire between camera and TX)

- 9V NiMH battery + LA7805 + 3 diodes = 3.3V power to TX.

(Camera gets power directly from the 9V batteri, so same battery source..)

How long does the whip TX antenne have to be?

(Airwave module 2.4GHz Channel 4)

(Just soldered a 29mm long wire to RF Out - thats ok? Vertical position)

On RX side i use a homemade GP Patch antenna, using Thomas PDF doc.

(Wire 5cm coax instead of SMA connector, soldered directly on patch)


Best Regrads


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Top 3 :

1. Same battery for motor and video. Use separate battery for video gear.

2. Mic (audio) level too high. Try disconnecting.

3. Vibration. Soft mount TX.


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>Do you have some video to show us?

My "Windows Movie Maker" crash on export off my video,

will try on my other computer today..

(Some other good Video editing/compressor program out there?)


Will try some things today:

(Vibration, MIC + seperate PSU)

Also have a really funny FPV Video with my new equipment to show you,

my radio contact is getting lost over freeway/powerlines..,

and my plane runs away.. :o

>uses an IC engine. Seems that still exists

More power in fuel ;-)

(Really like to get a Brushless moter + ESC + Li-Po for my 2 meter plane,

anything good/cheap suggestions?)


Have been in contact with some in china and can get brushless ESC's +

soon also some cheap Video glasses :-)



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For me the most effective way to filter the power line of the video TX when running everything from the main battery is to use a linear regulator. Just make sure that its input voltage stays high enough so it can do it's job properly.

The video cable between camera and TX should be shielded when it's so long, but I guess you did that already.

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I do use Linaer power (LM7805) + 3 1N4007 diodes for 3.3V + caps.

I am uploading video to Youtube right now :-)


Video uploaded - see first post.

Will try to put a CCD camera in place off the CMOS camera, and see if that helps.



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I'm using an LM2940CT with the appropriate caps. You might also choose one that goes straight for 3.3V, and put it in series twith the 5V reg so it doesn't get too hot.

I never tried diodes as you did, so maybe they interfere with the regs internal circuit.

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