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My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

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While writing the manual I just realized that the little regulator board may be dissipating too much heat if run off 3S for long. Consequently, I would really recommend running it off 2S rather than 3S as far as possible. There are a few ways around this problem - either by stepping it down with another regulator to about 7V or so, or change the regulator board altogether. Unfortunately, this batch has already left my hands so I can't change it. I didn't catch this earlier due to my entire setup running off a 2S.


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Go get 'em!

Note, we don't have too many EB-85's left, so if you want one, get in quick Or you may be left waiting!

If you havent reserved an OSD, we have 2-3 Almost Ready units, you'll have to get your own BOB-4 and solder it on however.

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Guys, possibly a dumb question but...

I have a small GPS receiver that came with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007. It's a Pharos GPS-500 that uses a Sirf III GPS receiver. It came with a USB->serial adapter, and it has 7 connection points on the receiver. IF I can figure out what these points are (i.e. power, serial connections, etc), is it possible that this could be used with the DragonOSD? If I could find a listing of the pinout on this thing I could make an adapter so I could still use it with the USB adapter as well.

Here's the basic data I've found:


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Spent a couple of hours today flying with the dragon osd, my first time using it. It's pretty nice.

I'll be posting a quick start guide on how to get your dragon up as quickly as possible. I found a few things a little confusing in the manual, such as which way around the GPS connector went (because its the opposite way as far as i'm concerned to what the manual states), how to pull flight logs off - i was using uart2 not the gps connector for my serial cable - and where to put the power in - i don't want to read through the manual to find that haha.

Still haven't worked out the current sensor, and have not tried the menu yet.

Jury is still out on the H for home position on the compass. To me, it doesn't seem to have any relation what so ever as to where home is! Going to test this more tomorrow (yes, new EB-85A unit.. even went home to get a super super new one!)

for example:


Home position is actually on the other side of the tennis courts straight ahead.


Home position still straight ahead (this is same approach as previous picture, just further on. nice flat straight line getting there).

However, peak positions very cool:


Few other pics:





I really need to set the flight log time between positions down a bit. This is of my friend's flight hehe.. all over the joint!


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Ok so we went out again today, home position is really all over the place for me. However i've noticed that i'm not getting a very good satellite signal. We decided to fly near the river today - was so so nice out there! Pitty that we had so much interference, both RC and 2.4ghz. Plane crashed itself into a tree (minorish damage to the wings).

Red Bull started setting up however so we decided to move on one all the shipping containers started getting layed out on the field and semi's were rolling up all the time. darn grand stands. I think they are also launching the pylon barges from this point too.

I'd put up video, but it's very very bumpy from having a pretty damaged flying wing in 40km/h winds with pretty strong gusts. Don't really notice it when flying, but on the videos it looks like a couple of drunks are fighting over which way to go!

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Just got through reading this thread and this seems like a great item, just counldnt help myself and have just ordered one from I.F. on back order :D

just hope her in doors dosnt see credit card bill :o

Any more thoughts about using a couple of way points for basic autopilot mode to give time to just look around while the plane does its thing?

Great work.


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Currently we're waiting for them to put in a command line compiler so that we can run a "build queue" of sorts. This will allow you to upload your source code to a "project" on our website and then allow you to hit build. This then gets added to the queue to be built (should be instant), once it's done, then you get your hex file and program it :)

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Mark - Same thing my wife says. :P The IF sensor needs to be modified to work. Daniel mentioned a resistor that has to be jumped and the leads switched. Perhaps Daniel could chime in with the specific changes. I would prefer to use the IF sensor. Much better than my crude attempts!

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I've attached a pic with the pins identified. Ignore the two pins in the lower left. Those are just to provide power to the board without the current sensor. If you look at the top left set of 5 pins - "Bat" provides power to the board from the current sensor. It's all 5v, including the voltage to the video header. The vreg is making contact with the ground plane with a drop of thermal compound. I removed the original heat sink. I thought why not use the ground plane as a heat sink and it actually works great.

The downside is that it's fairly thick with the BOB-4H attached (I used 10mm hex standoffs). Ah well, it was just something to do until the SMT unit arrives from IntelligentFlight. :D

Mark- you state on your website that the vreg on the back of the IF current sensor is not compatible with the Dragon board. My understanding is that the Dragon board has a 3.3v vreg. Daniel has recommended to step-down the input voltage if powering from 3S. Could this be done with the vreg on the IF current sensor?

ps. No scrubs in this pic! :P


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I think Khalid doesn't mind showing off his diminuitive sized battery, I guess Daniel just wanted to show off with the size of his .... ehm ... battery :D

It is a guy thing, I've seen it before. You arrive at the local flying field with a 100" wingspan plane, subsequently see some guys walking off and come back with a 150" wingspan plane :blink:



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