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Pls, rescue my camera !

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My God!

Is the Aiptek camman 1.3 is too sensitive !??!! I have 2 of this type, exactly the same camera mentioned in: http://www.rc-cam.com/camman.htm

After I wire out 2 wires (attachment) I can take snap shot by connect these 2 wires (just the same as you push the shutter button). Play around with this several times, than I got the problem: the camera seem to be hang, the "plug in USB Cable" icon appear and blink on the LCD even I do not connect the usb cable at all!

I cannot do anything from that. Can not reset as in the manual.

And now, it become totally off. Change the new batteries but nothing appear on the screen! The same thing happened to both cameras.

Please help me to get it back. Do you know any website or person I can ask for this ? :(

Many thanks!!!


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I just hope that there was no static discharge to the wires, as this would grill the chip connected to it.

I would remove the wires, clean the whole thing very carefully, and make sure you are grounded (for example with a wrist wrap connected well to ground) make sure that no wrong connections were produced by damaged wires, and that the pcb is not bend when reassembling the case.

I recommend, that you make sure you put the cam in the exact original state (mechanically and electrically) before you proceed with any other investigation.

Can you send a more detailed screenshot of the cam where you soldered the wires to?

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Yeah, After my soldering (2 yellow wires in attachment picture) I think that the connections and mechanics\electronics things are in common condition. Since it work well for several times but than turn to get this error with no effect (open, repair ...etc from me).

The problem I could think about is: the electronic components inside (ICs) may be damaged by over current or high voltage from output because two wires (2 yellow wires in the attachment picture) are connected to the outside circuit: one to the ground and one to a changeable voltage. When not want to capture this wire will be high voltage ( about 3,5-5V). When I want to take snapshot, this wire will be lower to ground voltage ( 0.1 or 0.01 V) than 2 wires are same voltage with ground and will take snapshot.

This works quite well for several times. After lower the voltage at one wire than need to raise it to high level again, the same as you push the button than need to release it. If keep pushing the button ( 2 wires are low) for a period the camera will sound : bip bip bip bip ....

It often got to work again but than it goes to wrong.

I wonder if I could hard-reset the hardware (like some time I do with the usb - flash memory driver): use a silver paper to short connect some pins of the ICs inside, than it work again !?


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