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Dont know if this goes on this section.

I need help to charge some li-po battery. I have a Venom charger with 4 pins male connector for 3 cell batteries and need to charge a 2 pin 11.1v battery. To be more specific, some batteries comes with 2 cables. One cable has 4 pins (red+white+blue+black) the other cable with 2 pins (black +red). Mine came only with one cable (red+black). I received as an extra, a 2 pin BEC connector.

How do I connect it to charge it? Do I need a charger cable adaptor like this?


I am new to these batteries. Thanks for any help



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I don't know your charger but it may not be possable to charge the 3 cell LiPo with it unless it has a 4 pin balance lead fitted. Check the instructions for your charger.


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Up until a couple years ago, the typical R/C LiPO battery had only two leads (+/-), regardless of cell count. That turned out to be a risky thing since the individual cells could become unbalanced. Using unbalanced LiPO cells would lead to short cell life (or much more serious things).

Nowadays, many LiPO packs have an extra cable on them for recharging/balancing. These extra wires are discrete taps to each cell. Chargers, or special charger adapters, are used to take advantage of them. Some LiPO's are offered without the special cable (especially low cost or very low capacity packs).

I have not used the Venom charger, but it looks like it was designed specifically for LiPO packs that have a compatible charge/balance cable on them. As Terry mentioned, the instruction book should help settle the issue, so dig into it to see what it recommends.

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