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The subject of hd transmission has been raised before,however due to limitations

of our analogue video links it was ruled out.

Has anybody considered using a video upscaler such as Lumagen or DVDO on the

ground station to feed a hd set or quality pc monitor.



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What is the point? Even for $1000, those devices won't be able to invent details the camera hasn't filmed...

They're meant to cross-convert video signal between different formats, that's all.

If you want to display your image on a good PC monitor, take a PC, a video capture card and display the video in full-screen on the monitor. You've got the same result. Plus, it will be ugly.

Upscaling video degrades it a lot, and should be avoided whenever possible as it kills the original image sharpness. Take a photo, resample it at 300%: very blurry result expected. The exact same happens if you stretch 720 pixels wide SD to 1920 HD...

As a rule, for best results always watch video on a display that has equal or lower resolution than the source.

It can seem strange, but SD video will look much better on a 19" native 640x480 panel than on a 19" 1600x1200 one. When upscaling to display on 1600x1200, the software needs to invent pixels between the ones actually filmed, and will do that by calculating an average of the surrounding ones. That results in an artificial blur.

Go in a shop where they have 40 TV's of all sizes on display, and spend some time comparing them. In many they still use SD videos or TV to avoid changing their signal distribution hardware. You'll see that the better the TV is supposed to be the worse the image will look, with a serious loss of detail compared to the nice CRT or cheap 640x480 LCD TV if they have one.

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Thanks Kilrah

When you read the blurb on these devices they give the impression they can work wonders with an SD source,still i suppose they want to shift them.

However on a personal note i have a 36" crt tv (toshiba 36zp46) and the picture is

very good it performs some form of internal doubling i believe its called picture frame 2, granted that the signal source is digital (freeview).

Other television manufacturers have their own systems e.g. phillips pixel plus

Now the manufacturers have spotted a gap /niche in the market during the slow transition from sd to hd in uk and rest of europe?. So as an interim measure come out with these picture enhancements, so is this totally different from upscaling?



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It's still upscaling, but they try to find different algorithms that give better results.

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