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I guess this problem has been discussed earlier, but I couldn’t find anything on this forum.

I’m using DV camcoeder (Canon MV 750i) to record my videos when I fly FPV, and I’m having problems with dropouts on the recorder.

I’ll explain my system briefly: On the ground I use a standard receiver (no diversity), an Innovatek VA-14 amplifier to split the signal to my goggles and the camcorder.

The video is OK on the goggles all the time, but the camcorder drops out (stops recording). After I have landed, I discover what happened, and rip hear off my head because I have lost the most beautiful video :angry::angry:

The amplifier is turned to full power without any cure for the problem, and I’ve tried to put the video signal directly to the camcorder (no goggles), still no cure.

Has anyone experienced the same problems and found a solution to it?

I’m planning to replace the camcorder with a laptop soon. Will I have the same problems when capturing video with this setup?

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Maybe the video-sync is somehow not good enough for the camera. Some cameras can be picky when it comes to valid inputs. So it may be that the camera is too picky, and if so, perhaps if the PC capture card is less choosy, it will work better. Alternatively, it may be that your video source has marginal specs where the sync signal is concerned. Such loss of sync usually stops the recording. What do you see on the video just before it cuts out?


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Some recorders will indeed stop or hang as soon as there is a frame or even a few line syncs missing. I remember hearing the same about someone who couldn't even see a drop either before his recorder stopped, but I can't remember what device it was.

I've seen the same with some old PC capture cards, but not with the more recent ones I've used. Mine behaves as well as we could hope, much like a standard TV (if the picture is crippled I will see it that way, same for the "snow" if signal is bad or the TX is off).

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Thank you Kilrah. You made my sleep a lot better. I have deliveries for my laptop coming in later this week (capture card), and I hope it will work OK.

The strange ting about these dropouts is that I can record video on the camcorder, then turn off the video TX, turn it back on again, and the camcorder is still recording (no dropouts). :(

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cfe7, there are various ways to record our beautiful FPV footage posted in this forum. These are the ones I tested:

1) DV-Camera Sony DCR-TRV900:

+ Very good, stable, reliable. Absolutely No Dropouts.

- Expensive device

2) DV-Camera Canon XL-1s:

Very good, stable, reliable. Absolutely No Dropouts.

+ Very good, stable, reliable. Absolutely No Dropouts, however, the following digitize process into some editing application might show a few "hicks". Windows Movie Maker seems to be very generous, thus I recommend it for capturing.

- Expensive device

3) Hitachi Hi8 Camcorder VM-H71:

+ Excellent, relatively cheap, very easy tu set up and use, robust and usable in all weather conditions

- obsolete, analog => needs ADV-Converter for further editing and publishing

4) Laptop with a Canopus Converter ADVC-100:

+ The best I've ever seen! NO dropouts! Excellent picture quality, converts in both ways (e.g. for client monitor during editing), rock solid! Delivers DV-Quality.

Supported for Avid editing applications

- Rather expensive, superceeded by ADVC-110

5) Laptop with an old proprietary AVID Cinema USB-M-JPEG capture box:

+ Great tool and easy to use on Win98 for good and stable video signals

- Absolutely unsuitable for FPV video recording! During weak signal periods and Dropouts the capture process stops.



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