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Questions regarding KPC Camera's naming

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Dear group,

i've browsed recently on this site which (re)sells KPC board camera's.

They seem to sell camera's which have different name tag than the same cameras sold on the KPC website. That's quite confusing. For example the KPC-EX700CHB (new version of KPC-EX700CHB?) is nowhere listed/sold on the KPC website. If you compare the price and the size, the KPC-EX700CHB could be a cased version of the ACE-EX110CH aka KPC-650CH. But, the first part is just guessing.

To get to the point, my questions are the following:

1. Why is the KPC catalogue of board cameras so limited compared to other resellers?

2. Why do names and specifications of some camera's differ from the obviously same camera(s) on the KPC website?

3. Did anybody recently tried out the KPC-EX700CHB camera? Is it worth a try?

4. What items are included if you buy a

-a: cased version camera or

-b: a uncased version

possible answers to 4: lense, cable, mounting brackets...

Alright, that would be it for the start.

Thanks for any input,


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1) The KT&C PDF catalogue is outdated. There are many more products on their website than on it.

2) Lots of sellers take the manufacturer P/Ns and modify them a bit, so they can still easily know what is what, but you will find their store instead of the manufacturer or other sellers if you type it in Google.

Another reason can be that as KT&C are a manufacturer, maybe someone has asked them to make a custom product, which then doesn't appear in the standard product line but will only be available from the customer who had it made.

A third one that is most likely in this case is that if you check KT&C's website, some cameras have available options, like "This model is available EX-view Sony CCD, Audio function", and can be supplied with different lens types. This changes the P/N, and I could hazard a guess the "EX" being the "EX-View CCD" one.

4) Uncased - Bare camera PCB with lens holder, lens and cable, Cased - Camera, lens, mounting bracket.

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