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Micro-Sized R/C On-Off Switch

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Hi guys

I came accross this link when i was searching for a product for my project.

The problem is I have now idea how to make this thing

From what i can see there is a diagram here that can run 2 mirco cameras only one at a time.

Is there anyone on this site that can make me a few of these switches ?

I need to be able to have have 2 cameras and one one video transmitter so I can select cam 1 or cam 2 from the RC transmitter.

Thanks any help would be great.

Thanks for your time.

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If Kilrah can't help then I might be able to. I have a R/C controlled video mux switch that will be available in a few weeks. Although it is a bit premature to offer it, if you strike out elsewhere then PM me to see if I can help out. Otherwise, full details and cost to this board will be made available when it is in final production.


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