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R/C controlled video switch for Two Cameras

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Update: All Beta Boards are spoken for.

I have a new A/V design that is ready for user beta testing. As the title suggests, it is a 2-camera video switch. Essentially it has two video inputs and one output; the selected video input source is controlled by a spare channel on your R/C Rx. It is ready to use, except you will have to solder your preferred connectors to its bare pigtail cables.

So here is the deal. I have a few that I will offer at a discount to interested forum members that have an immediate need to use a 2-camera video switch. In return for useful feedback, you will be granted a purchase discount.

Here are the basic technical bits:

* Two composite video inputs. One fully buffered output.

* Very high video bandwidth, no signal degradation.

* Operates on 6 to 14V, 20mA

* DIP Switch Programmable

* 1.5" x 1.7", 15 grams.


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It was designed to run directly from the video system battery pack, which is rarely 5V (2-cell and 3-cell LiPO is very popular). Using a higher voltage allows me to include an internal Voltage Regulator, so that the local power is clean for best video performance. However, one beta tester did mention that 5V operation would be nice. So, I probably would change the design to accommodate it.

I received feedback during the beta tests. Everyone reported good quality video and enjoyed using the board. But, the comments did not provide a common theme to help direct a final cut. It appears that the installation needs, and feature expectations, are so diverse that it might be difficult to satisfy the various requests. I've decided to put this on the back burner with the hopes that stalling for awhile will help draw a clearer picture of what is really needed.

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