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Where's the colour gone!

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My wireless video works quite well with good range thanks to the patch antenna although on a tv some of the colours are a slightly washed out especially pale greens.

When I try and record using my DVCAM analogue input I get no colours at all only black and white on the recording.

I have tried feeding the composite signal through a 4way splitter to see if it was an impedance matching problem but no difference.

Anyone any suggestions as to what it might be.

I am using a 2.4GHz 623 Airwave receiver.

regards Peter

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Just to confirm, your DVCAM analogue input is set up for PAL sources?

Beyond that, I suspect the problem is most likely caused by low video levels. Low levels will result in insufficient color burst amplitudes, which will confuse the recording device (or monitor). Loss of color is one symptom of this.

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