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Hi guys,

Still gathering and fabbing the parts to restore my 25 year-old scratchbuilt nitro .60 sized AP helicopter, Image III. Picked up a Nikon D200 with WiFi grip, 900 MHz downnlink and a KX151 camera already, an EyeTV Hybrid for the windowed analog live-shot on my MacBook Pro, etc.

Also considering the newly-announced Panasonic HD camcorder model HDC SC5 using SD flash cards for the media. (or perhaps now I'll find a smoking deal on the SC1, though the newer SC5 version's having 8X faster sampling on the antishake gyros for optical stabilization might work better in a helicopter environment). Specs on camera seem nearly ideal, but for the downside having to open the twist-out LCD finder to access the composite out jack.

Anyone here used one of the Panasonic HDC SC1 cameras? What was your hacksie or workaround for the video out?

Ivan J. Eberle

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