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I successfully built the PanCam circuit and programmed the chip. My project requires continuous rotation, so I’m using mode 2. The servos are geared 15:1. Mode 2 seems to just jitter.

Has any body written a new hex file for mode 2? It would be nice to have proportional speed using most of the stick.

I might look into an RC speed controller (from a car) and hack the servos into only motors.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Continuous rotation modified servos are really not proportional, at least not like a standard version. So, beyond the tricks that PanCam uses, easy solutions are few and far between. Have you tried using the servo without PanCam, but with the Tx's T-ADJ/EPA reduced to a very small value? This trick is a common used by the KAP'er community with some success.

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