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Max8211 question

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I am reading the Max8211 datasheet, and the following line:

"A hysteresis output is also included, allowing the user to apply positive feedback for noise-free output switching"

Now I thought I know english - but obviously not good enough to understand the function of this hysteresis pin...

This is a low voltage detector, which will go high on the Output pin if the Voltage on the IN goes below a level determined by the R1 and R2 resistors. What kind of switching is he talking about?

Thanks, Ox.

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Hysteresis is usually used in those cases to prevent oscillation.

Without it, when the voltage gets too low the low voltage output becomes active. That reduces the current load, and with most battery types that means the voltage will raise a bit, becoming over the threshold again, which will turn the unit on, which will draw more, reduce voltage and trip it off... in a loop.

Hysteresis allows you to set different thresholds for on and off, for example low voltage out will get active at 3V, but will need 3.5V before getting reset.

Not sure if that was the question though. Apparently from a quick glance at the datasheet the HYST pin will allow you to set the hysteresis amount i.e spacing of the thresholds.

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