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PenCam Aiptek

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Hello from Paris, France !

After having built successfully a Landtastic and a Nav-Lights (they works very well !), I have just built a CamMan and connected it to an Aiptek 1.3 camera.

It seems to be working well except that there is a "strange" delay of around 5 seconds between the order I give on my radio and the time the shot is done by the camera.

What is wrong with my CamMan ? I would like the shot to be done instantly.

My configuration:

- USB power version

- order sent from my radio by an on/off switch (landing gear channel). I have tested several travel adjusts from +/- 50% to +/- 125% --> same problem

- Aiptek in High res

Thanks for your help and congratulations for the quality of all your projects !

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