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captain stowed

Landtastic in a .60 mustang

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Hi all,

I have a 60 sized P51 Mustang that will be fitted with mechanical retracts. The fast retraction speed of servo operated retracts really doesn't appeal, so in lieu of installing a pneumatic system I'm thinking of using the landtastic servo slower. Clearly it needs a proportional servo to do this.

My question is then, since I have not bought a retract servo yet, is a retract servo just two position? Up / down? or are they proportional just like all other servos. I'd like to use a proper retract servo since it has 180 degree rotation (no load when it's at the end of it's travel), and it's low profile to fit in my wing.

I'm looking at the Blue Bird BMS136 BB for this application. Does anyone know if it is proportional and can be slowed by Landtastic?

Hope you can help,

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For sure, those that are proportional would definitely brag about it since it is a unique feature for that class of servo. FWIW, Airtronics has a proportional retract servo.

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