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Hi All,

I've been looking at the On Screen Displays to use to display my GPS data as an overlay on the video signal but am having trouble deciding on which one to get. I need one that's fairly easy to install and will work with a Garmin handheld GPS. Anyone have any suggestions?

REALLY like the new forum! B)

Thanks again,



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Im using the OSD-GPS WITHOUT ID from Intuitive Circuits.

Its smaller than the ID version because the one with ID has

buttons on the board to program the on screen ID or data

making it bigger in size.

If you are transmitting on HAM bands, you should get the ID

version though so you wont have to come up with odd ways

of displaying your callsign (mines on the fuselage in camera view) :rolleyes:


Eyes Overhead RPV

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I have been using the OSD-ID gps overlay from www.icircuits.com with a garmin etrex summit in the airplane. I am thinking about going to a BOB-III overlay board in the airplane with a garmin 12 so I can run at 9600 baud and get onscreen data updates every 1 second instead of every/other second. The downside is I have to program a microcontroller to handle the data and format it for the BOB-III board.

Hey mike, where did you get your garmin 15h/l and what antenna did you get for it??

Matt Klarich


PS. Hey mike, I still haven't tried my 3 watter, I want to see if it interferes with the airplane controls before I go flying the darned thing. I think I am going to put a PCM in the airplane with a fail safe to kill the 2.4 TX power if I get locked out. The upside being I might get the airplane back if the 2.4 is the problem, the downside is if something else is the problem I don't get any onboard video of the airplane crashing to make it worth it....

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Mike are you running at 4800 or 9600 on that gps??

I know on other units like the etrex and garmin 12 the reason it only updates every 2 seconds at 4800 is that there are so many sentences/information coming through at 4800. The 15H is not sending as many sentences (no waypoint info, etc.) that it may get everything through at 4800 to actually get 1 sec updates. Good to know, means my OSD-ID isn't useless (but quite large still!!)

Which cable did you get for the 15H??


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If anyone is interested in a BOB-II OSD I have one that has been sitting in a drawer since last year. It was used on a test bench but never in flight.

I would sell it for 50$ + shipping. I also have quite a few sockets for it. I just have to find them! I will even include a socket I made for breadboard use.


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