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520TVL KPC-HD230CB for sale!

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I've got one KT&C 520TVL, 12 volt bullet cam with 3X digital zoom. It comes with a hand remote so you can not only control the zoom, but also brightness & contrast. I was going to either using a ATMEL chip or servo to operate the zoom and brightness. But I'm using a smaller plane now and she can't handle the extra weight. Now this camera does consume 12 volts so a V-reg is not necessary and this camera has been used twice on my old Twinstar. I paid over $150.00 because duties and shipping etc..but I'm letting this one go for $75.00USD! Camera with remote! SO if anyone is interested please pm me.

Additional info: Camera weight is approx 85 grams with out the remote and 100 grams with the remote.

info on camera: http://store.pcsurveillance.net/KPC_HD230C...kpc-hd230cb.htm

spool of Rat Shack solder sold separately :D



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