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Innovatec Video Goggles For Sale!

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It's time for me to make room on my shelf for "new" FPV gear so I have here a set of Innovatec Video Goggles for sale! Cheap.. real CHEAP!

It had a crack on the right arm but I fixed it with a metal brace and epoxy so she is stable. Anyhow I'm sacrificing her for $75.00USD and buyer pay the shipping. I only used these goggles for a couple of flights and watched one movie on it.

video of the goggle:



Picture Size 36 inches virtually at 2 meters

Micro screen: 960x240 = 230400 pixel.

Screen size: 0.6cm x 0.6cm

Viewing Angle Diagonal 26 degree

Weight Less than 200g(For the part mounted on the head)

Input Signal NTSC/PAL video signal

Power Consumption Less than 1.2W

Power Input DC 6V~12V

Adjusting Function:

- Brightness

- contrast

- volume



AC adapter

rechargeable battery Pack

PS2 game player connection line

AV line

male to male connector

Please PM me if you are interested. :)


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