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Need an antenna recommendation

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I have my camera (rc-cam4 - awesome) up and running. Here's my question:

I have the Xcam2 receiver with the groundplane patch antenna on it, completely stock.

The transmitter has the dipole antenna, instead of the original patch.

if I wanted to spend 50-100 bucks on antennas for both units, what is the most bang for the buck? Or would some sort of amplifier be smarter?



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Bill, I would for a good sized omni for the airplane. Something with 5-9 dB of gain. A good 8dB patch on the ground would also help. I know www.blackwidowav.com has a small circular polarized patch that would be perfect on the ground. As for the airplane I would look towards FAB-corp at http://www.fab-corp.com or http://www.signull.com for a small omni antenna. Signull has one under their suction cup mount that I am using on my airplane right now, it is a 5 dB.


Hmm, other then that www.hyperlinktech.com has some good stuff but has $100 minimum order requirement now. That circular patch that blackwidow has comes from hyperlinktech (I believe).

Hope this is of some assistance, try to keep connectors/adapters to a minimum.


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