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I-Vision 922 goggle for sale

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I got an I-vision 922 headset brand new for sale. Few month ago, Andrés if I remember well had a defective 12V adapter that burnt his control box.

Rangevideo immediatly send another control box and adapter to Andrés.

Remembering that, I buyed the goggle only with some cables that left to Rangevideo at $125. Few days after buying the goggle, I found another Kopin module from another source for free... ( no he don't have others modules...)

So I never use the Rangevideo goggle, I use only the cables for another project, and the cable become defective (open) after few days :)

The Kopin module is a good quality display, it's all around the display that not good quality... Many cies had buyed the Kopin module alone and build their own design around it with very cheap components.

These goggle can be easily hack and use for 3D project or if you want good goggle at cheap price. You don't need the control box, but you will need to go inside to wire your 3.3V source to power the goggle and the video cable. Earbud not usable, thay don't stay on the ears.

The goggle are for sell at $125 shipping include in North America

Paypal only


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