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Olimex (http://www.olimex.com) sells the ICD2, which is a good deal on a PIC in circuit programmer. I'm sure you'll find books along the lines of 'PIC programming for dummies' (no offense) on Amazon, which should get you on the right track. Other than that you need some experience in coding, else this will a bit much to swallow in one gulp.



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Or you can go with Atmel's AVRs, the programmer costs $35 and the development tools (including gcc c compiler) are free.

The ICD2 was about $200 when I bought it, and if you want to start doing more advanced stuff and get a C compiler instead of being limited to the free assembly tools you'll have to get a 3rd party one, which will range in the $250 again.

I can't believe I said that BTW, me who has always been PIC-oriented ;)

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and after purchasing the programmers KILRAH suggested,

go here:


and DL the free hex files and enjoy.

ya and C compiler for AVR is FREE !!

and they have a cool forum http://www.avrfreaks.net/

goto tools, select compiler, dl winavr, and dl avrstudio from atmel.com

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If you need the programmer for only a few kinds of PIC chips, look into Microchip's own cheap programmer - PicKit1

I believe it will cost you around 40$.

I program 10F200 and 12series with it very often.

Yes I have been looking at this , and I have ordered another type but will see how good it is.

I need to program an on/off only


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