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I did it now- just came across the VR thing and I'm hooked.

I'm sure this has been addressed many times before but I haven't seen any info on pan and tilt goggles- ie, equipment used and more specifically, wiring and connections. I have a Futaba 9C system. Can anyone help me out?

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Hi there. Welcome to this forum - you're in the right place.

Check out www.rc-tech.ch and www.aeropix.ch for the pan & tilt detectors - they plug into your transmitter. A 9C should be fine.

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Hi ! Welcome to you !

The two forementioned well known head-trackers are gyro-based. But, there is a new player in this ball-park ........http://rangevideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=45&products_id=93

It's a magnetic compass based head-tracker. So, there's no drift at all.

Could be a fine choice.

Does someone have already tried it ?

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Excuse my ignorance but if the device depends on earth's magentic field and it has some kind of electronic compass to adjust the camera's paning position according to the head's lateral movement, how does it calculate the tilt? Does it have an accelerometer for the other axis?


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I don't know for that particular one, but as the magnetic field vector isn't parallel to the Earth's surface in most places around the globe, 2 or 3 magnetometers allow you to detect tilt as well. By using only 2 you restrict the sensing range somewhat.

It could indeed also be an accelerometer.

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