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Horizontal Lines in Video Eliminated!

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I have had trouble with two of four glow airplanes with horizontal lines in video. The airplane (see picture) was the worse. Just thought to share this info for those having the same trouble. ;) I just cut a piece of pipe foam insulation and wrap the TX's in that. Don't worry about airflow because. A gap at top and bottom of TX's allow the heat sink to dissapate generated heat. I use this stuff called goop. Found it works better than silicone. So TX's will not slide out top or bottom. :)

Works Great!! . No vibrating camera video too. I cut a thin piece of foam, the same used to wrap receivers in and removed the back of camera and installed it there. install back... presto helps too. The other planes no trouble, however I will do the same. Even if my Dad says ( if it ain't broke don't fix it). By the way I have foam wrapped the battery too. TX current draw not enough to make it hot. Remove battery from plane to charge. Take off the wrap. Li poly can be a fire hazzard as you probably know.

See the picture.


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A couple other very possible solutions to solving video noise:

1: Tape (or solder) the A/V transmitter's metal sardine can lid tightly to its chassis. This helps reduce vibration induced noise that is common with motor powered installations.

2. Relocate the microphone away from loud audio sources (like motors and props). In extreme cases it my be necessary to remove the microphone. The prevents saturated audio signals from affecting the video.

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