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Strange video problem

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I recently purchased a 500mW 900Mhz system from Range Video (excellent service btw) that included the

camera, transmitter, and receiver. When I plug the video output of the

receiver into my small 7 inch monitor, the picture is very poor. The image seems over

exposed and the colors are washed out.

If I plug the same system (using the same video cable) into my camcorder, it

records a perfect picture. I have another receiver for a different

wireless camera system (one of those Swann micro cams) that works fine on both the monitor and the camcorder.

I'm a little confused as to what is going on but I am assuming that it has

something to do with the cable resistance. The television shows a much

better picture if I use a splitter cable to split the video signal from the

receiver to both my monitor and my camcorder, the picture is even better

if I add an extension cable between the receiver and the monitor.

Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on? I'm using standard RCA audio/video cables here. The cables that go from the receiver to the monitor/camcorder has an RCA connector on one side and a jack type plug on the end that goes into the monitor/camcorder.

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Sounds like your 7" monitor dose not have the correct 75 ohm termination. Check the resistance of the input with a meter and tell us what you find please.


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75Ohms is what I get.

I was mistaken about it working with my other video reciever, they both give crappy washed out video while my cam corder is crystal clear.

I'm thinking I must have knocked something loose inside because I really don't recall it being this way before.

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