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I have recently got in to AP and want to move toward FPV however I am quiet happy with AP currently using a chip modified aiptek sd for stills and edvr for video.

I bought two premier 3081s < 4 oz with battery cameras and rigged one with a servo it took quite nice photos at 3 MP but I have been spoilt by the aiptek's ability to be set on auto, taking photos every 4 seconds or so while I concentrate on flying the plane.

I understand that I could probably modify the 3081 camera using a PIC chip however I would prefer to modify the TX to transmit a on/off pulse say every 4 seconds.

Most guys (like me) are abit nervous to poke around inside a perfectly good cam with a soldering iron but most are happy to lash up a servo /shutter control.

So the question is can anyone see a off the shelf way of bridgeing the gear channel on a TX with a means to provide the "high stick low stick" pulse automatically.

In my minds eye I see a two way toggle switch wired primary to the gear switch powering some sort of multivibrator curcuit bridgeing the gear switch.

The curcuit could possibly be fitted in the TX with the addition of another toggle switch.

Even beter if the Hi sick / Low stick pulse could be varied from the TX

This would enable the DIY use of various cameras without the need for "internal" modifications

I can only see the concept here and would appreciate any advice.

Regards Jeff

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Thanks for the reply that is probadly where I will end up. I did want to send the pulse from the TX so it could be switched off or varied

Regards ( I wish I knew what I was doing) Jeff :huh:

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