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I doubt these will work well, I've just taken delivery of my Lawmate transmitters and receivers, as well as a couple of KX-131 cameras and I must say they're in a entirely different class than regular surveillance camera gear.



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Hi .

The Inesun' s 2.4g transmitter/receiver kits are good, but sometimes (only once) need a little adjustment (there's 2 little pots inside), and are very cheap. Great stability, and they covers all the 12 availables 2.4g channels.

I have the 700mw and the 1w models. I hook them directly to 3s lipos with the motor, no problem. You have to care where you place the transmitter in the plane, or you will seriously screw your rc range. The 2.4g tx and the 72mhz rx are just not a good natural fit.

If you plan to put it where there's plenty of ventilation, you can get rid of the anodised heatsink, and save almost half of weight (700mw: 68 grams with case, 1w: 90 grams with case).

About the cam......i dont have any Inesun cam, but you should forget the pinhole-lens, and consider a regular lens on it, cause it gives a sharper image, and bonus: are LOT easier to keep clean.



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I begun to tackle with Super-Circuits 500mw, 900mhz tx/rx about 6-7 years ago, and never got a reliable downlink ...... Those tx/rx are very fine; but , when i look at the results the other guys here are getting from it.......i know now that i have no talent with the antennas issues. So i moved to Super-Circ. 2.4g tx/rx, 3 years ago and got better results. I do AP, not video, so i only need it to frame my pictures, and therefore, even if i have some image glitches, it's no big deal.

I've lost an AP ship in 2006 december (lost :unsure: with all the onboard rig) and, then, tried Inesun's tx/rx. Prior to that, i did'nt even noticed that 1.2g existed :blink:

Dont even know if 1.2g are legal in Canada, so ........can't help with those .

Yeppeeee !!!!!


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