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How can I build a full FPV system on a budget

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I am new to this and am very interested in building a complete FPV system similar to the one as seen on RC-tech http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/index.php?page=s...emart&Itemid=26

I am on a budget. Can someone please direct me in the right direction. Is the one on RC-tech a good value and good quality or are there other components that can be pieced togther to provide better value and quality? Wht is the high end equipment? I would like to build this system right the first time.



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I've never heard of microwireless.net - they don't seem to get in as a part of the community - or if they do, don't make themselves known.

RC-Tech may charge a little more than other guys, but they have *fantastic* quality gear and support.

If you're just after the same ol cheap stuff locally, try:

http://www.hobbywireless.com - their site may not look like much but they are reliable and easy to deal with.

http://www.futurehobbies.com - very good to deal with, have some great gear

http://www.rangevideo.com - i believe these guys are probably the most well known at this point.

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OK Rick I will leave it to your local guys to help out, it's no good me giving you all UK addresses ;)


Hi there Terry, I'm the same, I just started and I'm a complete noobie to all this, but I already have an Easystar plane, I live in the U.K. , but was originally goign to order everything over from america, so you said you have U.K. websites, could you please elaborate a little to me.

Much appreciated


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Try these



it depends how much DIY you want to do, this is a DIY forum and Im not up to speed with much of the ready made stuff.

there are lots of good value bits on ebay but lots of rubbish too so ask before you buy.

you need to ask yourself a few questions before you start

do you want a legal system

what frequency do you need

what range do you need

what quality do you need, how many drop outs are ok

how much do you want to spend

will you have a helper to point your aerial

what type of flying will you be doing, 3d, low level


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hi Terry

Im new to this Iv had planes cars boats subs all types of RC but this look interesting Iv been thinking about the FPV for OSD as in a set of goggles and possibly on a quadcoptor or something like that thats more controllable Whats it like in the UK for this sort of stuff To buy that is have you any web sites you can point me towards? Thanks

regs Osh..

OK Rick I will leave it to your local guys to help out, it's no good me giving you all UK addresses wink.gif


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