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I leave here the Picture to do the Z800 mask

This picture was inpired in other mask put here, but this draw is personal :P


Print the picture in a A3 PAPER A3, them draw the same picture over a flexible black plastic..

I send you in 2 format .PSD and .JPG

PSD original:


JPg ( not tested)


The original ins the PSD ( I dint test the JPG).


If your printer dont allow A3 format, you can print it in 2 sheets A4 in the ORIGINAL SIZE ( print in 2 sheets and them you must paste ). Other method is print the 2 copys of the half and them, pastye is becouse is a simetric draw).

TURN THE TABS: You must turn 90º the botton tabs. Teh tabs avoid the light.

CUT: The "top lateral" lines 1,5 cm. This cut allow you put the mask inside the laterals pins.

VELCRO: Where said VELCRO,,you must paste the velcro of course :), The velcro ajust the mask in the front and by sides.

Placement Mehtod:

You must put the mas between the lens and the structure.

Ajust the top Velcros

Ajust the Sides Velcros.

I advice ajust the sides velcros with the Z800 on the head, to ajust the eye-lente range first.

OPTIONAL: You can use foam in the low tabs to get a better ajust.

That is all.

Easy to put, Easy to take out


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Ahhh the Mask of Zoro! Very cool and practical Sergio!!!! ;) Why didn't I think of that?

Edited by JMS

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Zorro?? I thought tha was the Daft Punk´s helmet :P

Other photos:

Velcro in the side. Look like the plastic is inside of the pin. It is becouse of the 1,5 cm cut :)


Velcro on the top and side


Velcro on the top


Foam in the borders


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Nice item!

Us spectacle wearers are at the mercy of this sort of solution.

How good is it at eliminating those irritating 'back doors' (the side of the nose, reflections on the screen from light coming from the ears?).

And how sweaty does it get? I gave up on solutions involving sheets of foam as things started to mist up on those hot days when heat insulation was not really wanted...

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I tested the Mask and it work Ok. I used it all the day.

Here is winter and dint test it in a hot day.

I use FOAM to stop the light environmet ( boton and side perimeter )

If you have a big nose, you can give more angle to the down side.

No lights Reflections on the screen.


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