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As long as your camera has a video output (like the one you'd use to connect it on the TV), yes. But for the 2 miles, the easy answer is no. It's already not the easiest task with a plane in the air, and ground-to-ground links easily have 5-10x less range with equivalent equipment, especially with no clear view. Same goes for R/C.

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can i have a link?

can i do this with any camera? will this work from 2 miles away?

I got my transmitter from range video.


I'm not sure if 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz will work better for near ground transmission etc.

In general, the higher you can get your transmitting and recieving antenna from the ground, the better signal you will get.

As an example, with my 900Mhz 500mW transmitter, I get perfectly clear video from 1/3 mile away, my plane hit the ground and that range got reduces to about 100 yards due to the high underbrush.

My guess is that even with line of sight (no trees or buildings) you will get nowhere near 2 mile range near the ground.

As long as the camera has NTSC video output you can feed that into the range video transmitters. You will have to either purchase or make your own adapter to go from the RCA connectors of your camera to the 3 pin connector of the range video (and most other) transmitters.

The camera you linked to does indeed have NTSC output as do just about every camera you buy.

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make sure you go behind and around lots of trees at a far distance

Hey there, I'm home from a great day of flying.

The bad thing is I crashed the heck out of my intended aircraft last night and had to use my glow powered aircraft instead. This meant a very long delay today while switching the camera over etc.

I simply didn't have any time to do any good tests for you.

Here is what I have though, I hope its helpful.

After reviewing the flight video and checking google earth, I don't think my aircraft got any more than half a mile away in ground distance. I'm a poor judge in hight but at one point I got up a good bit, maybe 600 feet or more. I'm guessing I was getting about 2000 feet before I had much problems, and my aircrafts orientation made a big difference in crappy video or good video.

My TX antenna was swept back somewhat on the airplane so that I would intentionally lose signal moving away and get a better signal when I started to turn home.

My Rx antenna was pointing straight up. (I wish now I had angled it a little toward the area I was flying in). I had it on a tripod about 5 feet off the ground.

Now for the part that is most useful to you.

My first landing was ended up about 500 feet away from where my because I was trying to land on a small dirt road and had to veer away when I realized it was lined with a wire fence.

At this range, video was still available, but it was total crud. My antenna at this point was only inches from the ground.

In the recorded video I had a perfect signal about 600 feet further away and only 5 feet off the ground with the aircraft.

If you can manage to raise your Tx Antenna a few feet off the ground, I would estimate that you could get maybe 800 feet out of the same 900Mhz system I use. But video will never be crystal clear at anything over 300 feet or so.

I don't have any info on how badly trees and brush will affect you. I do know that 2.4Gz hates trees.

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