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Hi all,

I am the formerly proud new owner of A RANGE VIDEO 900 MHZ .5W SYSTEM,

Unfortunately I wish I had looked the the specifications before I bought. As I am writing rangevideo.com to request an RMA.

The problem is that rangevideo.com sells 900 Mhz xmitters and matching receivers with the following channel assignments,

CH1 910 MHz

CH2 980 MHz

CH3 1010 MHz

CH4 1040 MHz

In the US ONLY Channel 1 is legal for usage even by radio amateurs, the 3 other channels fall within the license range allocated to the FAA for its Distance Measuring System(Video xmitters operating withing this range have been reasons for recent fines and penalties for some companies installing/selling video xmitters within this range,found those on the fcc.gov site.)

I did write rangevideo.com via their contact form asking about this after I studied for and passed my US technician ham license but have received no response to date so now I will take the next step and request an RMA and start looking again for a 900 Mhz xmitter/rcvr with legal ranges. that I can actually use.

comments on this most welcome


ps its looks like the mobicom stuff on ebay is almost small enough and I can get on legal 1.2ghz ham frequencies, and NOT piss off the same agency in charge of making FPV regs(FAA) by stomping on their in use frequencies. The SF Bay Area is FULL of FAA Flight aids with 3 major airports in close proximity.

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Unfortunately, the 900 Mhz wiresless A/V offerings are slim. You could always tape the channel select switch to Ch-1 and ignore the other channels.

Supercircuits.com offers 100mW and 500mW 900 systems, but I don't recall what the exact frequencies are on them. They don't post the specs on their site, so you may have to call to get the technical data.

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I'm also interested in any info regarding this issue. I've emailed supercircuits twice with no reply. Cruising around the internet I only find systems on the 4 freq's listed.

Can anyone point us in the right direction? I'd like to be able to use more than 1 channel.

Although I would prefer using 900mhz, is the 1.2ghz mobicom stuff any good?

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