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Experience with Thomas Scherrer/Intelligent Flight

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Just to make it clear, this was not a transaction that intelligent flight had anything to do with. It was a private sale from thomas to sander, i stepped in to attempt to make things right for sander. I feel the only reason that Intelligent Flight's name is being pulled into this is because i tried to help out sadly or Sander thinks that by pulling in our name that he is going to make me give him a refund/whatever he wants - this is not the case, intelligent flight's paypal was not paid - i have no control over the funds or the sale, this is like asking intelligent flight to give a refund for a product bought from say futurehobbies, or range video.

I covered the cost the new GPS unit, which was already in a parcel to thomas as discussions between us were in progress, i don't know if that GPS was sent on by thomas or not. So i've lost money here in something that has had nothing to do with intelligent flight.

I'm not overly worried by the look of the gps, the black marks on the antenna are.. interesting, that i havent really seen to that degree before but the maring on the antennas surface is on most modules we receive - it's not scratches just where the oxidisation has rubbed off a little i think. Most GPS modules come with this to a degree (i can photograph 50 modules side by side if you want...) We've sold over 100 modules now so i do have some idea what i'm talking about. Usually you have to look at the module on just the right angle to see the marks on the metal plate, the black stuff is not normal and i can't see how it would come from being used either, it looks to me like rubber or something. All the planes that Thomas (that i'm aware of) owns and uses for FPV are fully balsa/ply or EPP...

The reason why i did not continue to reply is because honestly it has nothing to do with me and i had no interest in continuing futile discussions. Thomas has offered sander a new gps from what i've seen, however sander flatly refused. There may have been more emails involved though that i was not cc'ed on (not sure why i am cc'ed in the first place!)

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