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Vibration visualation tool

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I was thinking I could take the concept behind this toy I made and use it for visualizing vibrations on my glow powered trainer and using that info to reduce them etc.

The concept (which is hardly new) is that if you strobe a light at the same frequency as an oscillating object, it will appear to be frozen in time because you only see it illuminated at the same point of each oscillation.

For example if I put a UV reflective dot on a wheel, spin the wheel at 100RPM, and then strobe a UV light at 100Hz then the dot will appear frozen in time.

It would be possible to place a few marks with a common highlighter on the prop and various places on the plane to be able to visualize the vibrations on the aircraft.

The strobe frequency could be controlled by a dial, or by a sound sensor that is triggered every time the motor fires, or a combination of the two.

The question is, would it be useful or just mostly amusing?

I think I could get it visible as long as its in the shade so you wouldn't have to wait till night time... or try and run your aircraft in the closet with the lights off. :D

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Certainly useful. We used to use a high power flash tube (like a flashgun but capable of mainatining high flash rates without burning out!) that could be varied in frequency.

Just one thing to watch and that is the temptation to put your finger into the arc of what appears to be a stationary prop or other moving mass - can be painful and quite a surprise when you thought the prop was stopped.

regards Peter

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