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Found a great source for SMA pigtails!

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I needed a shorter pigtail from the 1 watt transmitter to the externally mounted

dipole-in-a-duck, the one I was using was about 32 inches, the path was only comfortably 18 inches, I know the loss wasnt gonna be much, but why route the cable around when you can go a direct route?

I found L-COM in Andover, Mass. their prices are pretty good, cheaper the more

you buy. I only bought two 18 inch SMA RG174 pigtails (one as a backup) for $16.25 each. I didnt think it too bad, Ive priced just SMA adapters to other connectors and panel/chassis SMAs for $5 a piece!

Anyway, shipping was $7.95 Fedex Ground

Heres the link:


Thought Id pass it along.

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