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2.4GHz TX,RX for $100

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I am selling a 2.4GHz video transmitter and receiver with accessories for $100. It has only been used inside while testing for comptability with my Spektrum RC transmitter (also 2.4GHz). Needless to say, they don't play well together, so I purchased a 900MHz system from RangeVideo and no longer need the 2.4GHz system.

The system includes:

-4 channel 2.4GHz video transmitter

-adapter cable from transmitter to RCA and DC power input (4-6VDC)

-8 channel 2.4GHz video receiver

-120VAC to 12VDC power adapter for using the receiver near outlets

-aligator leads for receiver to power from a 12V battery in the field.

Photo shows actual system for sale.a>

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