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FAA regulations

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Hello members, did anybody know if there are FAA regulations to fly our RC model airplane at certain altitude. My son and I are flying at 6000 ft AGL now and we are planning to fly higher. Some of our members are flying over 20,000 ft.

My concern is not a mid air collision that is almost impossible, but FAA regulations. I have a private pilot license and I know how nasty they can be.

I spoke with a FAA officer and he told me that no regulations are in place yet.

I searched on the FAA web site, no a word about remote control models.

The matter is very confusing, somebody told me that over 5,000 Ft you have to notify FAA, other told me 10,000 ft. In reality no body has sure information.

I wrote an email to FAA with the same questions, but no answers yet.

Do you have any more information on this matter?



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