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Depends on if you want to run on 12v or 5v the 151 is 12v I think and the 131 is 5v.

I have a 500mw 900mz transmitter so I plan to run the video transmitter off my main lipo connection and the 5v camera will get it's juice from my receiver.

I am ordering a 131 for maximum weight savings.... I have the sony 520 and it's really heavy like 2.26 oz!!!!!!

I will wait till I have a twinstar up and running for that one.

Don't know if that helps in your thought process.

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now there is a kx 171 which is smaller..... mmm.... hard choice....

I have to choose one of these as well. I am leaning to the 171 cause if the size. I will always have 12 power cause I always fly with 3S lipos so I think I will stick with the 12 Volt cameras... also to match the 12 volt requirements of my 900mhz transmitter.

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I have a 171 now too... much better suited to my plane for size... I have not taken the case off however. Yup I noticed the lense holder was part of the case too... not sure how to get around that.... leave the case on maybe? hahaha..

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I just received my RangeVideo setup with the 900Mhz an the KX171. I'm thoroughly impressed with this kit. For wireless video, it looks pretty good. Not as good as full onboard, but I guess I have to be realistic :). I have it setup on my T-Rex 450 and it worked really well. This was my first venture into video transmission, but I must say, I'm hooked. Like this hobby needed to get more expensive....

Anyway, here's a video of my first flight ever recorded(today). FYI, I'm new to heli flying, so at times it's a little jerky. I only know how to fly comfortably with the tail facing me, and I only know how to descend by rocking the blades so I always know which way I'm pointed.



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