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airwave 633 TX module

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Dear All

I have an airwave AWM633-TX 500mW TX module and AWM634-RX Module.

Many of you guys must have used these successfully into your FPV equipment.

I am look for suggestions on how best to build the TX snd RX

In particular has anyone made any PCB for these modules, or is it better to mount the SMA connector directly on the module?, how are you all powering the TX at 3.3 volts

I would like to build on this TX and RX module based on your working ideas and suggestions,

I have built the goof proof antenna and seems to be working fine when tested with one of the chinese 2.4G RX.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs B)

Thanks in advance :P


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If you do a search on this forum you will get some info about it ;)


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