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ok so has anyone seen this?


It monitors a few parameters and sends them back to a little screen at the TX. Now the most interesting is the RF signal strength parameter.... this would be great.

My questions are,

1) why is it for surface only?

2) does it have it's own transmitter from the car to the little box at the tx? If so that likely has a limited range therefore it is for surface only.

3) or does it "ride" the existing locked in channel that the spektrum has chosen? If so then we get the same range as the DX7

Heck for 79$ I'd love to be able to keep watch on my RF strength, voltage, and temp.... course if you are losing RF range..... how will the signal get back to your little box? haha

Any comments? does anyone have this little dealey?

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I never tried this one, but I already used the seagull telemetry system. It's fun to know these data, but it's not interesting to have to remove goggle to see them. I prefer far more the convenience of an On screen display.

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absolutely, I agree. The best part of this would be the RF link monitoring... that would be nice to know when you are dropping frames and when you have a weakening signal. It beeps if you are losing RF or dropping frames etc. Possibly it can beep when you reach a certain battery voltage too.

I would buy one if I knew it worked with the AR700 receiver........

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What I know is that their 433MHz TX creates HUGE interference at least on 35MHz R/Cs. Even with the TX 1m away from everything and a dual conversion PCM receiver the servos keep jittering like mad. :angry:

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Mr Pibb, yes that would be nice.... I like the eagle tree system but it does not OSD. If it did I would be more interested. For now I am looking to order a Dragon OSD in the very near future.... but I am not sure if they will have stock anytime soon.

I had my first FPV flight two days ago. It was very cold and very windy. It was hard enough to fly non FPV. Plus I was by myself so I had to hand launch, then pick up the glasses, put them on over my glasses and try to fly. All in all it went well enough for my first flight. Second flight however I got picky about my landing site and crashed. Time to order the twinstar!

Thanks for other comments guys.... I am curious as to if the telemetry works on the 2.4 systems and how far the range is.

Happy New year all!

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AH, thanks Kilrah.... mmmm... and now for the big decision as to which one to get???

I like the eagle tree for the fact that you have actual air speed not just ground speed..... is there a possibility to add air speed to the dragon OSD, that would be great.

Thanks again guys.

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