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unfortunately for full size aircrafts....

Since alot of people implement GPS receivers on their aircrafts I wonder if a miniatture servo operated version of these onboard transmiting antennas could operate satisfactory for long distance flights.

Problem #1: R/C models change attitude and position in relation to the base station much faster.

Problem #2: Is the smallest directional antenna at 2.4Ghz still small enough to be placed in a dome? (maybe better at 5.4Ghz)

Problem #3: Extra weight.

Maybe it could be practical only on pretty large models used for aerial photography/video.


PS I far from capable to build such a system - still struggling with my ground antenna... I'd like to hear your thoughts on this though.

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The tracking Tx antenna idea would probably be nice for a hobby robot or other docile mobile application. For a model aircraft, a bit more RF power and a typical omni antenna seems to be the most practical solution (low cost, simple, reliable).

On the other hand, a tracking Rx antenna on the ground, either using switched antennas (via "diversity" Rx switching), or a GPS tracked servo controlled RX aerial (like cyberflyer did a few years ago), would be very useful for our R/C application.

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