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Redundant Tx

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FPV, all lives out of the visual aspect, from the point of view from within the plane / helicopter.

We do deploy redundant Rx's at the ground station .... but how about redundant Tx from the plane / helicopter we fly from? (if you consider "weight" not to be the limiting factor)

I'm certainly a digital person (with 0's and 1's) so what will it take to make this work out:

   Camera ---> Tx #1  ---> same frequency towards Rx
\----> Tx #2 ---> same frequency towards Rx[/codebox]

Q1: what will it take to "beef" up the analog video signal from the cam to provide enough input work for 2 Tx's

Q2: would 2 Tx's at the same frequency only "overlap" each other - and would not cause interference?

Q3: would it take 2 different Tx frequencies to work this out - in the end?

All the Best for 2008,


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1) You might need to make a video buffer circuit to connect between the camera and transmitters

2) Answered below ;)

3) Of course, 2 TX and RX working on different channels needed.

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