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Selecting Video Gear To Go With A Futaba Fasst System

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I have been flying RC planes and helicopters for quite some time now... but this latest hype of filling your plane with electronics seems cool.

I got started when i was looking for cool rc-heli videos by "The Szabo Bros." I just happend to see a video by vrflyer who had this Virtual Reality Headset witch immediately caught my attention. Digging Deep into this subject reading a lot of these forums about what you can accomplish with simple?!? gear i found that this really would add to my already timecomsuming hobby ;)

Now i decided to go shopping but there are so many options...

Now to my problem:

I have a 2.4 GHz Fasst Radio from futaba wich turned out to cause me some headache...

The first system i tryed was a 300m range Video Link wich turned out to use a 2.4 GHz transmitter - get my problem?! ;)

So after reading the forums again i found that if you have a 2.4GHz Radio

fe following are facts:

2.4 GHz on video will cause problems - Radio RX will be flooded Video RX will have interferance.

1.2 GHz on Video will also cause problems - Every second harmony of the signal will interfear, Same problems as above

The conclusions above leaves us with two options: 0.9 GHz / 900MHz and 5.8GHz

Now what is the difference between 900Mhz and 5.8Ghz - Other than wavelength? ;)

In this matter i found an article describing this issiue:


Reading this article tells us that a calculated differense is 1 to 7 in favor of 900 mhz regarding possible range.

This seems a bit much but still resonable. If you compare soundwaves you can hear a bass horn from a way greater distance than a whistle...

So using 900MHz seems like a good idea!

So the next question... How much will it drain from my battery, how much flight time will i be able to get out of my battery?

I will look in to this soon but for mow here are some links to units i found:

350mW: http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/t906ahpm.html

500mW: http://www.eyespyvideo.com/wireless/900mhz/900mhzindex.htm

5500mW: http://www.rf-links.com/58_transmitters.htm#4

Also i came across some 1.7GHz Transmitters.... What about these? Illegal in some countrys?

100mW: http://www.rf-links.com/pdf/mx1700b.pdf

Amplifier for 100mW TX: http://www.rf-links.com/pdf/amp1700b.pdf

Another thing that bugs me is the price... All units that seem to bee useful (3km los range) are VERY expensive...

Are there some magic sollutions??

There are many tuning guide for 2.4 (ex. http://www.yb2normal.com/antenna3.html)

but very few for us FASST Guys... trying to go with 900MHz or 5.8 GHz

Does anyone know?


Daniel Olsson

System Engineer

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So using 900MHz seems like a good idea!

Looking at your location it seems it isn't... In Europe the 900MHz band is used by mobile phones. So that means that firstly transmitting anything else in there is illegal, but also that if you did anyway you'd have LOTS of sources of interference around...

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