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Funny, I don't recall ever seeing a 12V 10mW TX so far. They're usually 5V, with a regulator hidden somewhere that is very easy to remove without even knowing it was there in the first place. Would be nice to see the details of the wiring and maybe some links to the equipment...

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I'm currently using an old Hi8 camera with an external video input jack. This seems to me a very reliable solution as it doesn't blank the screen or drop frames if the signal gets bad.

I tried several DV recorders and it was just a matter of "signal disaster" until they stopped accepting signal and recorded a black or a blue screen instead.

Anyway I guess most of us are using DV recorders successfully.

Regarding the recording I just like to be able to record snow for minutes as long as there's a chance to get one usable frame, in case the plane gets out of range and might disappear or get lost. Just for that reason.

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Nice R/C Plane you got there, does it have remote control? ;-)

Are you sure you TX is for 12V?,

sometimes there is a 5V regulator inside the cable..

Guess it ok, because else it have probaly already fried!

What is the name of your TX?

Seems also like you recorder or PC have made some bad frame dropping,

try useing a good Hi8 / miniDV camcorder with A/V in instead.

Did see a danish program some years ago with a world campion woman paraglider trying to get a eagle to find good termal spots(Parahawking),

for her, here they did also put a onboard cam on the eagle.

Found the onboard video here!



They seemed to use the cheap CMOS cam's, very bad quality, but viewable..

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