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Video Downlink-digital camera and FPV-KX131 ONE TRANSMITTER

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Does anyone have experience in those configuration. I got Easystar and I would like to have small digital camera ( like Pentax A30) wchich will be pointed sideways and i want to be able see via downlink when to take best picture. Secondly I want to install the KX131 just normal like eyeryone to fly FPV.

Is this possible with one transmitter and strenghten Easystar?

I am looking for digital cameras with timelapse(intervall) function. Does anyone know which one got it?

I have seen it in Pentax W series and Ricoh R series. With a big SD-card and 10 seconds timelapse it could be possible to shot ( without servo and PRISM-additional weight ) many pics to choose from.


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Some digital cameras have a composite video output jack for snapshot preview. This feature will allow the camera to be used as a video camera. This technique is used by some R/C aerial photographers.

However, not all digital still cameras make good video cameras due to the behaviour of their AGC and other aspects of their DSP performance. Heck, in the typical R/C aerial application, not all video cameras are worthy either. So, YMMV.

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