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I've run a quick and dirty comparative test of sat acquisition with this one and the EB85 at the same place, the new one found 5 sats and locked in less than a minute, while the eb85 only had 2 sats in view after 2 mins. But in actual use, no idea yet.

Maybe a bit WTFy, but I noticed that the GPS's antenna would change color between grey and pink sometimes. I had already noticed the same behaviour on an old module long ago, that was apparently using the same material for the antenna, found it very intriguing, but had no idea of why it was changing color that way, thought maybe some temperature/humidity thing... :unsure:

Now I've had that new GPS on my table for a couple of days, and randomly noticed it would be pink during the day and grey at night... mmh, alive and sleeping? :blink:

But by simply going into another room with it I finally found out that it's linked to ambient light. If there's no/low IR content in the light, the thing appears grey, but as soon as it's hit by high IR levels it appears pink. Veeery weird.

The thing is that I have fluorescent lights in my room, and those emit very low IR, while both the sunlight and the light from the incandescent lamps I had in the other room give out a whole lot of it!



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HAHAHA sooo cool a color change review of the GPS.

typical you mr IR with the IR cams and such :-)

but come on, give us a full side by side compare of their GPS performance,

position accuracy, update speed, height, and number of sats outdoor and so on.

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No the connector is smaller. Same type, but fewer pins. The supplied cable can have the suitable connector for the IFOSD/Dragon anyway.

I got it directly from IntelligentFlight, that's where they come from ;)

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10gr with cable, version M-core_2.0 0001.

Yeah, the connector only has 1 UART, so that's 2 wires less.

If it's not on IFs website it's most likely because they already have a hard time supplying enough to the hungry dealers, so it's not of much use listing something you can't deliver anyway ;)

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