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XMON new cool MCU develop, measure, and debug tool, free

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you can go here:


and download the latest XMON pakage.


We have developed a PC program called XMON (it IS free to download now)

this PC windows program can connect to any MCU with a serial port or with a USB to serial bridge,

with some smart and simple transfer commands, See the doc in the zip,

you can make real time curves in several colors and several curves in the same trace window, you can read out bytes, integers and floats, values

seperate clear commands to each plot so you can make a continius plot of values, or a restarting trace,

it is all up to you, the auto scaling of the plot can be configured with min/max/auto, all things are configured from the MCU using the same transfer routines, in the zip you will get C routine examples that works for most C compilers, simply paste the kind of routine into your project and go.

We have tons of ideas like variable naming on XMON from the MCU, so you can read out tons of variables and still know what is what. But in the alpha version we have now, only 4 variables can be read out on the same time.

but ANY format can be used, like floats and such also work

please repport bugs, ideas, suggestions and such to my email found in the doc, so I have it all one place,

I have this XMON info posted on several MCU forums, it a general MCU tool.

please share the link with friends, not the ZIP, we will update the ZIP and remove the old ZIP

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