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Hi all

This topic mite have been brought up already but i havnt forund it yet :P

Strange Interference Problem

I have x2 DE-SW050 switch regs

and when i connect either of them up to my system the range on the R/C system is reduced and i get excessive twitching

on all servos, Ive tried different placements in the model, did not resolve, it i even wrapped the futaba receiver in foil still did not cure it

I also tried a different reciever dual conversion and single conversion and it still does the same thing.????

both recievers are new.

My radio is fine as i fly my other models on this transmitter.

When i go back to the linear reg everything is fine???

anyway this has baffled me.

My setup consists of


airwave awm 630tx 10mw

Futaba R168DF dual conversion receiver 35mhz


pantilt servos hs81's and hs55 and 2 flight servos (hs81)

I wanted to use the switcher for powering the cam and tx but have had to go back to liner regs because of this problem

I use a seperate lipo to power cam and tx so that it wouldnt pick interference from the spdcontroller.

has any1 else had this problem?

Thanx ;)


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Yeah others have reported this old problem in the past. I guess it's all the interference caused with all the power bouncing back and forth in the DE Switch Reg and lack of a choke or capacitors to extract the interference.

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you might want to look at those:


they are a bit expensive, BUT they are double filtered (input and output)

so they will NOT reduce your RC range.

all other SBEC I have seen so far have no extra filter coils

the IF powersupplied actually have 3 coils and 3 set of capacitors, not only one

as required to make pure power conversion, but add tons of noise.

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