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New Guy with Video Project for someone

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Hey guys I'm a new guy so Hello. I'm looking for some help with something and I was pointed to this forum. I'm a competitive shooter that competes with the 50 BMG at 1000 yds. Here is my dilemma; When I practice I either have to have someone scoring my target then radio back where the bullets impact or I have to shoot 3 rounds then get in the car and drive down range to see where I’m hitting. During competition it’s no problem because they have people down in the target pits pulling and scoring. However, when I’m out practicing I’m on my own and it’s becoming a real pain. So I’m exploring the idea of coming up with some type of a camera that I can position to see the target down in the target pit. This camera would then transmit the signal back to me 1000 yds away. Sounds easy enough right? Well I thought so too but I can’t seem to find anything. I tried the Sam’s Club wireless cameras and monitor, but 1000 yds it just too far. So my question is. Does somebody make something like this, or can someone make something like this for me? I placed 5th. last year at the World Championships and if I’m going to “Best” that I’ll need to do a lot of practicing. My spotting scope is strong enough to see that far, as is my rifle scope. However, due to the mirage I just can’t make out the holes in the target consistently enough. Any comments or ideas would be much appreciated.

Again, looking forward to meeting everyone.



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ya that stuff from range there will have an easy task with 1000 yds range,

but you need tv monitor, video cam, battery, wires, remember to charge

but what about this solution:

http://www.webx.dk/oz2cpu/astro/astro.htm (first picture)

see here:


on the top on a house 1800m (2000yds) away you see how well I can zoom in a see details on the lamp.

total cost only 60 us $, and no battery to charge.

but ok to see a bullet hole, I think you maybe need a close mounted cam and tx equipment,

and it also look cool to impress friends :-)

go for a hi res cam and a good tv monitor

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Hi Thomas. What equipment are you using for this? http://www.webx.dk/oz2cpu/astro/herlev.htm

Sorry, the only word I understand in German is

"Nein" and I'm not sure I spelled that right.


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Sorry about that Thomas. Guess you can see JMS, how illiterate I am with Foreign languages. I can tell Chinese from German and Danish but any more that that, I'm stumbling around in the dark. Hey, you interested in any 10 amp LiFePO4 batts??

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for that Herlev 1800meter away picture, I used the astro telescope as shown on the other link.

I simply took out the ocular and pointed my digital cam into the hole and hoped for almost focus,

I had to manually hold the cam onto the telescope so that is why the pictures are shaken and out of focus,

when I looked into the ocular with my eye, the picture was much better,

but to be able to see a gun shoot from 1000yds I think the video link solution as mentionen is the best and cheapest.

but real telescopes not toys like my 60 $ unit, cost MUCH more and can take MUCH better pictures:


My dad own a meade 8" and once we took it out in his garden and pointed it to a house 500m away,

we could read the news paper they was reading inside behind the window !

if that is legal I dont really know ?

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