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www.firstpersonview.co.uk - UK FPV store launches!

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Hi everyone,

My father Mark and I have now launched our new UK FPV store and brand new website at www.firstpersonview.co.uk!

Over the last year we have worked with several leading FPV vendors to come up with UK legal* (IE 10mW, CE approved, RoHS compliant, WEEE compliant) solutions for sale on our website to the UK market. These vendors include RC-Tech, Range Video, Intelligent Flight, Fat Shark and several others.

Our aim is to provide the very best, legal*, equipment available with the very very best customer service.

Please take a look at the new website if you have a second and I'd value your feedback (criticism by PM or email please)! There are a few items still to add to the website over the next few days and we'll be adding the latest and greatest products as and when they are developed.

We are both very active FPV enthusiasts ourselves and we will be trying to make the fantastic FPV sport more well known in the UK. Watch out for our upcoming FPV article in a very popular UK model magazine soon!

Anyone can email me directly at fpv<AT>firstpersonview.co.uk (replace <AT> with @) and I will always reply within a few minutes (timezones allowing)! Also please feel free to telephone me on 01273 808 026 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Many thanks

Simon & Mark


* All of our solutions comply with UK sale regulations and also with all applicable radio rules as we understand them (ie 10mW maximum power for airborne use).

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