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i purchased a sony 520 line camera from future hobbies about ayear ago. i broke the connector that hooks up to the back of the camera . the wires snapped loose and i cant repair it. i emailed them to find out if they had spare and didnt get any return email TWICE. i dont know where i can find this wire. i have a kx 131 but its not the same wire. please help thanks

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Not that this offers any immediate remedy, but the dpcav.com site is expected to stock the KX171 style A/V cable in a couple weeks.

If all that is wanted are empty Molex housings and pins, then I'll try to figure out the part number to them (once I review the factory built cable). Keep in mind that the proper hand tool to crimp the micro size pins cost several hundred dollars! Faking it with needle nose pliers rarely achieves a long term reliable crimp, but I suppose someone might get lucky if they have the hands of a surgeon. Long story short, I recommend a factory made cable. :)

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Some older equipment use this type of connector, I would go seaching in skips outside of independant TV repair shops, a few old circuit boards & there's always this type of connector. It is the same one my range video gear uses for the TX.


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