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the search function is not really well working for many users, sorry Terry :-)

the problem go only one way: if a spectrum tx is located near your video rx, you will get stribes and such on some channels,

if you use the (out of band channels) you will get a few MHz away from spectrum frequency band, this reduses the issue.

the other way, your plane with tx near other planes with spectrum rx, I have not been able to cause a problem yet,

we even tried to do all the worst things possible, still no bad things happened :-)

no I dont like or use spectrum, but it seems like neat stuff :-)

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There are several discussions about this around here, so I also suggest searching "spektrum."

the search function is not really well working for many users

I am not sure what you mean there. The only time search problems have been reported to me is when the user had not completed their registration (this feature, and others, are not available to unregistered members). If there is a search problem then those that experience it should report an example in the Site Problems discussion area so that I can look into it.

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